Capcut Pro Mod APK For Android 2024, No Watermark/Unlocked

The CapCut Pro is a video editing app that comes with lots of useful features to make a video attractive. Primarily, this is an official TikTok video editor that is completely free to use. It offers plenty of transition effects, presets by various creators as well as music effects. The best thing about this video editor is that it is far better and easy to use than other well-known editors. Other than that, you will find out many other features like stickers, music effects, and filters. It also includes texts, colors, and some other video editing tools.

Capcut Pro
Capcut Pro

Free Advance Features:

What is CapCut Pro?

If you are a person who wants to make photos and videos for fun and entertainment, The CapCut Pro is just for you. There is no professional knowledge required for using this app rather it is super simple. If you have never used this kind of app before, you will also learn it in one go.

Chroma Key

Keyframe animation

Slow-motion effects


The Capcut Pro Features:

It is one of the most popular video editing apps nowadays. This app is especially famous among the young generation as they use TikTok the most. You can use it anytime, anywhere as there is no internet connection required. Moreover, it can be use in all type if devices like smartphone, laptops and desktops.

All the features which are mentioned above are the best features for any video editing app. Because of these features, this is one of the most powerful apps that is quite popular as well.

It is fully capable to generate captions for videos automatically without any hassle.

This app enables users to convert texts into speeches so the sound seems natural.

Users can add multiple layers to their videos like music effects, various texts, and so many special effects.

To work with different types of videos, it supports various video formats.

For a safe and secure storage, this app allows you to save your personal data in Cloud.

It comes with preview feature so you can see your videos and check difference before and after.

If you don’t want watermark in your videos, you can buy its premium version.

Its premium version has some extra features which are all quite useful.

You can quick remove background from your videos without any cost.

Because of avoid any data lose or privacy leaks, data transmission is encrypted.

CapCut allows you to merge and cut any video of yours and you can also add any effects instantly.


CapCut Pro Mod APK DOWNLOAD – Premium Unlocked

In this article, we have shared a premium version of CapCut. This app is all about editing videos in your style. You can customize the size of videos as well as you can decide the size of videos that will appear in a video. What’s more, it enables users to add text, a variety of sounds, special effects, and much more in a simple video. Moreover, the best thing about the premium or unlocked version is it is free from the watermark. Simply, when you edit a video with a premium version watermark does not appear. As well as in the latest version there are excellent templates available which are also the trendiest.

New Features:

CapCut is an app that have been made lots of amazing changes in 2023. These changes are basically improvements which are made by the official team of CapCut. Besides, these features are related to artificial intelligent. As we all know, artificial intelligence is quite famous in 2023.

Replace or Remove Background:

From a portrait video, you can remove the background. After removing the background, you can add any other background according to your choice. You can replace the background with any uploaded image. It allows you to change the color of the background as well.

Add Captions:

It enables users to create high-quality captions with great accuracy. This feature can enhance your editing capabilities as it recognizes different languages automatically.

Convert Text into Speech:

It comes with 10 languages and 11 voices for improved user experience. With it, users can convert texts to speech that will sound very natural.

Change Video Size:

This app makes you able to change the size of any video. It allows you to add images, colors, and effects to a video. Users can also change the aspect ratio of a video instantly.

Some upgraded features & improvements

It makes skin smoother professionally by retouch feature.

Comes with user experience and performance optimizations.

Includes automatic beat sync

It allows you to save various text templates and effects of your choice.

There is an Ad Script feature included. It is powered by artificial intelligence.

Updated AI Body VFX.

New effects such as Magnify Background and Fill Behind are now available.

An exclusive copyright songs and music library is also included.

New Features:

Trending Transitions

This app contains a transition feature that is one of the most trending features. It is a split-second clip that can connect 2 different clips to each other instantly. You can try so many options of transitions MG, mask, effect, camera, and basic. Also, you can cut and replace any specific part of the video as well.


Furthermore, it includes a vast range of filters which are all predefined. These filters can also customize easily. As well as you can add these filters to overlays and primary clips according to you. Another best thing is that users can add full effects and movie style video filters like retro, stop, RGB and Glitch effect hassle freely.

Speed Control option

You can easily change the speed of any video according to you. It can increase and decrease the speed instantly. With the help of this feature, you can transform your voice into a robot voice and another male or female voice quickly. You can also make slow-motion videos and can impress your audience.

Background & Export

You can save your videos with different aspect ratios according to the ratio of various apps. Moreover, it allows you to include dotted, custom borders, solid, and framed videos. Furthermore, there is no problem editing background as well as you can include blur effects.

Special Effects

In this app, you will find out some very special effects which will make your video super eye-catchy look. There are unique FX effects available as well as you can combine and merge all types of videos. In the premium version, a watermark will not appear.

Zoom Effect for The CapCut Pro:

The zoom effect is a thing that makes CapCut quite notable. Primarily, this is the best feature of this app that gives users an excellent experience. Besides that, this effect uses editing technology that enlarges the screen. When users use this effect, they come close to an object for a clear view. Further, if you have noticed ever, this technology is used in different nonfiction and news programs. You can also see it in documentaries.

Pros of Zoom effect:

  • It can isolate any person or object into a frame.
  • You can enhance the quality of a video amazingly.
  • This effect is also able to improve the clarity of different images if it is at a distance or light is not enough.

How to create a 3D Zoom Effect in CapCut?

  • First of all, you have to open CapCut. There you have to import your required video clip.
  • After that, navigate to the Effects tab. This tab will given at the bottom of screen.
  • You have to click on the 3D Zoom option.
  • Once you choose the option, adjust the both ending and starting points by dragging the markers. It also allows to adjust the rotation and scale.
  • By adding keyframes, the effect can be smoother. You need to adjust the settings for all keyframes.
  • After complete the entire process, users can preview the video through play button.
  • Moreover, to apply the effect to any other part of the video, simply copy/paste it where you want. Just hold the effect and select the option of Copy. Then press on the new location and press on the Paste option.
  • Once your required video will ready, just press on the Export option to save the video into the storage gallery of your device.

How to Install The CapCut Pro APK?

By following some very simple steps, you can easily install CapCut Pro APK. For installation, you must have an Android device.

First, simply go to the Settings of your device and select the Security option. Click this option to enable for Unknown Sources.

When you will follow this step, your device will enable to install apps from Google Play Store.

Then, open any trusted source to download this app. Always install apps from any trusted sources to avoid any problems.

Once you download it, find it from your device where it has been downloaded. You will find it in the downloads folder or file manager of the device. Press on the file to start the installation.

When you will click on it, your screen will show you prompt for the confirmation of installation.

Click the Install option there.

This prompt is a permission that depends on settings of different devices. Accept this option to start the installation.

Once the process will start, you will see it on the screen of your device. When installation will complete, click on the Open option. This app will start launch.

With these simple steps, CapCut Pro APK will install successfully.

Get the app now!

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Capcut Pro


What is CapCut?

This is an advance and is considered one of the best video editing apps in the market. You can easily make different kinds of videos according to your choice. Furthermore, after making a video you can edit your videos by using its exceptional features, filters, and effects. The best thing is that it is super understanding and handy application.

What is The CapCut Pro or CapCut Premium?

CapCut Premium or Pro is an app that comes with the most powerful features and tools for editing videos. As well as due to the simplest interface it is equally suitable for experts and beginners. When you will use premium version, you will save your so much time with excellent features.

Is CapCut available for Windows?

In the beginning, CapCut was not available for Windows. It was only designed for Apple iOS and Android apps. But now, you can use it in your Windows devices as well.

Is CapCut available for Mac?

It is available for Apple. But, if you want to use it you must have iOS 11.0 iPhone. Similarly, if you have MacOS, it will require a 10.14 or later version.

Is CapCut a Secure app?

CapCut is one of the safest video editing apps all over the world. You can use this app freely as it does not have any malware. This app collects some personal data but that data can never be leaked or misused. This data can be stored may be outside the country. Therefore, makes sure to install CapCut MOD APK from any trusted source always.

Is CapCut is Chinese app?

Of course Capcut is a Chinese app. It has been develop by ByteDance that is a pure Chinese company’s product. It was available in the China in 2019 and named Jianying.

Is CapCut owned by TikTok?

It is not owned by TikTok. However, it is designed by the same company which designed TikTok in the past. These both are Chinese companies as well. In the starting, it was only available in China but after some time, China expand it to other countries.

Is CapCut music copyright free?

No. All of CapCut music is not copyright free. You should check before use any music as if it is free from copyright or not.

Is CapCut available for laptops?

CapCut is completely available for laptop devices.

Why CapCut lagging?

There can be different causes of lagging. Maybe your device have some issues. If your device is running out of storage, CapCut can lagging. Before installation, check the requirements carefully.